Since 2006, the Riga Detective Agency has been providing professional security and security services to individuals and legal entities.


 The security service includes the initial collection of information that seems necessary to provide the highest quality service, namely, in order to protect against unforeseen situations, incidents of a negative nature.

In its work, the Riga Detective Agency seeks to protect the Client as much as possible in terms of the safety of life and health, as well as his family members, to provide business security services, having comprehensively studied and identified risks, weaknesses, gaps.

All employees of the Riga Detective Agency have professional experience having worked in various law enforcement structures, including the state police, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Latvia.

All security guards have a special security guard certificate issued by the licensing commission of the State Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Latvia.

 Riga Detective Agency offers:

- ensuring the security of the territory (objects, houses, offices, dwellings);

- security in buildings and premises;

- control of employees of the protected area, enterprises, visitors and cargo;

- security and cargo escort;

- security and safety of money, documents and valuables;

- bodyguard services (all bodyguards with special professional training and relevant work experience);

For each object, an instruction is developed for the implementation of security, which also includes your suggestions and requirements for our employees (if they do not contradict the Laws of the Republic of Latvia).

Quality service is guaranteed by the President of the Riga Detective Agency Olga Zelika