ЮLegal support:

- Drawing up contracts, claims, statements, providing free consultations, full collection of information on a specific transaction and its participants.

-  Debt collection (initial collection of information about the debtor, all information is provided to the customer). At the first free consultation a list of the company's opportunities for this debt is given.

Work on debt collection is carried out in fact, by negotiating with the debtor, within the framework of the current legislation. We do not write letters and do not see the point in this! Judicial practice does not apply! On the fact of fraud, we additionally draw up a statement to the law enforcement system, if the client considers it appropriate!

-  Conflict resolution

In case of divorces, family conflicts, the fight against domestic violence (a specially designed program to eliminate this problem), as well as the resolution of conflicts between co-owners of property, co-founders of enterprises. If necessary, purposeful collection of information is carried out.

- Representing the interests of individuals and legal entities in state institutions (including the police, the prosecutor's office, the court), institutions of self-government, drawing up the necessary claims, applications, complaints. Free consultations for all questions!

-  Drafting claims, statements, contracts, internal instructions.

-  Consultations on Criminal, Civil, Administrative law, family issues (law). On the practical part of the operation of law in Latvia and abroad. In all countries of the WORLD, there is close cooperation with lawyers, lawyers and detectives, as well as law enforcement agencies (police, prosecutors, courts).

We have very good contact with the press, mass media, Internet portals!