Detective services:

- Information gathering and resolving non-standard situations, also Riga Detective Agency provides such services as struggling against violence in the families and debt collection. All cases are non-standard.

Gathering information and data about the physical person and about the legal personality (firm) in a place of a residence, work, rest or leisure.

Reputation, criminal, civil, administrative cases check of foreign citizens and companies.

Revealing lifestyle and contacts.

Data gathering about credit status, solvency of physical and legal personalities (presence of movable / immovable property, individual share in business, credit history, treaty compliance, an official workplace, salary, business reputation, companies annual balance).


Tracking contacts of your child, prevention measures of its hit in the bad company.

We reveal the fact of drug abuse.

 Revealing lifestyle of your child, his friends, characteristic of his friends.

 Assistance by getting out your child from bad company.

 Tracing child’s rout through a mobile phone (supported all kind of mobile phones)

 Revealing of all kind listening devices, spy programs in the tech, computers.

 We will reveal the external watch.

 Personnel and candidates check.

   Accident investigation

  Verification of transactions

  We detect guilty persons who have committed a crime, also gathering proofs.

  Consultations on security issues

 Information safety support of business (business investigation / counterespionage – purposeful gathering of the interested information, analysis of received information).

And also:

- The program of violence elimination in families

- Debt collection (dialogue with the debtor)

- International search of missing persons (lost in the way, got to a bad situation abroad), psychological rehabilitation when they returned to Latvia

- Providing results of the international investigations

Also we offer any detective services in all countries of the world (within the limits of the legislation).

We have very good contact with the press, mass media, and internet portals!


Since December, 18th, 2009 Riga Detective Agency is a member of the International Federation of Detectives (IIB).


 We offer non-standard solutions of non-standard situations for threats, blackmail (under Latvian law)

 When getting married with the citizen of foreign state it is necessary to know what he represents himself, because foreign citizens deceive our girls. We had a lot of cases with such problem, therefore, contact us! Within a week we will give the information about potential groom!

      The same applies about employment abroad, find out all about where you are going to work, all about intermediary companies.

   We offer additional opportunities, within the limits of the legislation!

All consultations are free!

We work around the clock!

We observe confidentiality in interests of the client and we warn client about our possibilities. We represent client’s interests in all state institutions; compiling lawsuits, claims, statements to the police, prosecutors, court.

We involve in cooperation advertizing managers, resellers of our services.

10-20 % for each client in LLC "Rīgas Detektīvu Aģentūra" is guaranteed!

Periodically we update our staff, talented one remains with us!